Moulin de Callas

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The strong knowledge of 4 generations of the Berenguier family combined with new industrial technology which enables the Moulin of Callas to handle freshly harvested olives in our new workshop, perfectly integrated within the environment.

The Moulin of Callas commercializes a unique Olive Oil, carefully selected by the Master Miller receiving several times over awards from the Concours Général Agricole held in Paris each year. The Moulin also sells a fine range of artisanal products.

Callas has a very ancient olive history. At the beginning of the century, the area of Callas was covered with Olive Groves. Area of choice for a variety of Olive tree “Ribier”, a small round olive that is harvested in November. The tree is particularly resistant, and has survived over the years successive cold weather and frosts that have touched this corner of Provence.