Terms and Conditions

1 - Scope

These Terms and Conditions apply without limitation to all sales made by Moulin de Callas Ltd., whose headquarter are located in Les Ferrages, Callas 83830, France Tel:+33 (0) 4 94 39 03 20 (hereafter referred to  as "Moulin de Callas for non-professional buyers wishing to purchase the products offered for sale by The Moulin de Callas,  www.moulindecallas.com proposed on the web site, namely local Olive oil products (hereafter referred to as "Products").

Placing an order on the website Moulin de Callas implies acceptance and full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, which are fully  recognized by the Client, by accessing, browsing, using or registering with the Website, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to these Website Terms in their entirety.

These Terms and Conditions are available at any time on the website and prevail, if any, on any earlier or any contradictory document. You may use, download and print content on the Website solely for your own personal use or internal business purposes. Other than for your own personal use or internal business purposes, you may not without our prior written consent.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions are binding e and apply to transactions hereafter.

2 - Orders

It is the Customer to select the site the products they wish to order, as follows:

2.1. Navigation within the site

The Client can read the different products offered for sale by Moulin de Callas on the Site.

The Customer may freely browse the various pages of the Site, without being committed to an order. Product offers agree within the limits of available stocks.

2.2. Saving a command

If the customer wishes to order, he will select the different products which are of interest, and save to the shopping cart by clicking on the "Add To Cart" box.

On the website at any time, the Customer may:

- Get the details of the Products selected by clicking on "View Cart"

- Continue shopping of products by clicking on "continue shopping"

- Complete the selection of products and order these products by clicking on "Order".

To order the products he has chosen, after clicking on "Order", the Customer must identify, either by entering the email address and confidential password, previously or by clicking on "Create my account" otherwise. In the latter case, the Customer must accurately complete the form, on which he will include in the information as it will be required to identify themselves later on the Site. The Customer agrees and understands that the entry of these two identifiers is proof of his identity and gives his consent.

Once identified the Client, confirmation of the delivery address will be required and confirmed. An order form will appear, detailing: the nature, quantity and price of products selected by the customer, and the total amount of the order, the details of the Customer, the deadline for delivery of the Products, address Delivery of Products. The Client may modify their order prior to confirming the order. If this is the case, a new order will be automatically edited.

2.3. Final validation of the order

After reviewing the order, and all information requested has been completed by the Customer, accepting the terms and conditions of sale and clicks on "Confirm Order". The second click constitutes an electronic signature. This signature has value between the Parties in the same manner as a handwritten signature. The order will be recorded on computer records Moulin de Callas themselves stored on a reliable and durable source, and will be considered as proof of the contractual relationship between both Parties.

The customer can choose the payment method they wish, including those proposed by Moulin de Callas and proceed to pay the products in terms of Article 5.

2.4. Order Summary

When the payment order is validated on the website (applicable to the provision of the card number and expiration date), a summary of the Customer's order will be displayed and the order products and cost indicated along with the transaction number. The sale will be considered final after posting the summary of the order by the Moulin de Callas, which is acknowledgment of the order. An electronic confirmation of order will then be sent to the Customer summarizing the order.

2.5 General

Unless proved otherwise, the data recorded by Moulin de Callas constitute proof of all transactions.

In any event, Moulin de Callas reserves the right to refuse any order or delivery in the event of a dispute between the purchaser and the Moulin de Callas.  The Moulin de Callas cannot be held responsible for Bank refusal of Credit Card Transactions by the purchaser’s bank.

3 - Availability of Products

Product offers available on the site are valid within the limits stock available.  The Moulin de Callas undertakes to inform within 8 days the purchaser the delay for delivery on the product ordered. If the customer wishes, he may request the cancellation of the order (payment by check or bank transfer within 30 days) or exchange of the order by contacting Moulin de Callas by email.

4 - Rates

Products are sold at the prices in indicated on the Site during the registration of the order by Moulin de Callas. Prices are in Euros.. They do not include shipping and delivery, which are charged in addition to the base rate applicable on the date of the order.

The Moulin de Callas reserves the right to change their prices at any time.

The price indicated in the order published by Moulin de Callas price is the final price and includes shipping and delivery. The payment itself will be considered complete on receipt of payment to Moulin de Callas. An invoice is issued by Moulin de Callas and delivered to the customer upon delivery of the Products.

Moulin de Callas will not be required to make delivery of the Products ordered by the Customer if the payment does not comply as per the conditions stated above. Payments made by the Customer shall be considered final once full of payment has been received by purchaser to the Moulin de Callas.

5 – Terms of Payment

The price is payable in full  at the time of order by the Customer by way of secure payment, as follows:

- By credit card

If the customer order by credit card, he must indicate the credit card number, the card, expiry date and the security code (3 digit number on the back of the credit card ). By choosing an immediate payment by credit card, the customer will be automatically directed to the payment server of the bank of Mill Callas. The server of the bank is subject to a security control by electronic payment terminal in order to effectively protect all data related to payment. The Customer acknowledges that at no time did his banking data circulate on the Moulin de Callas computer system, and therefore they cannot be held in anyway liable for fraudulent use of their customer’s bank information.

6 - Delivery

Moulin de Callas offers to deliver the Products in the countries listed on the country of delivery included in the tariff applicable on the date of the order.

Moulin de Callas agrees to use its best efforts to deliver the Products ordered by the Customer within thirty days of the order. An indicative delivery time will be communicated to the Customer in the order confirmation. If delivery point Moulin de Callas, the Customer will be notified by mail of the date and time of availability of the Products. In case of delivery to the address specified by the customer, an email will be sent advising date of shipment of goods and tracking number to monitor the delivery of its products by the designated carrier. The purchaser is solely responsible for this monitoring, including ensuring a physical presence on the day and time agreed for delivery to optimize the expiry date of products.

A possible extension of this deadline will not give rise to any compensation to the Customer. However, in case of delay by the Client more than 24 hours for the collect of products made available at a designated store Moulin de Callas, The Moulin de Callas can make destroy the products and no refun will be granted to the Customer.

Similarly, if the ordered products whose total value exceeds that specified in Article R 114-1 of the Consumer Code have not been delivered within 7 days after the stated delivery date for any reason other than force majeure, the transportation strike and / or postal services, the sale may be cancelled at the written request of the Customer or Moulin de Callas. The rupture of contract will be, if any, considered on receipt by Moulin de Callas, a letter by which the Customer advises the decision if the delivery is not made between the sending and receipt of the letter. The amount paid by the Customer will be refunded by check or bank transfer within a maximum period of 30 days, excluding any compensation or retention.

Only in specific cases or unavailability of one or more products, the products ordered will be grouped and shipped.

Products are sent by regular postal service or carrier. The Moulin de Callas cannot be held liable for any delivery delay due to unforeseen postal services or transport issues.

The Customer must check the condition of the products delivered. Given the nature of the products, the customer has a period of 48 hours after delivery to make a written request for non-compliance or defect of the Products delivered claim, providing all supporting documents. Failing compliance to these formalities, the Products will be deemed compliant and free from defect and no claim will be accepted by Moulin de Callas.

Moulin de Callas will replace as soon as possible and at their expense, the Products delivered with defects or non-conformities which have been proven.

7 - Transfer of Ownership

The transfer of ownership of products Moulin de Callas in favor of the Customer, will be made only after full payment by the latter, in accordance with the delivery date of Products, and when full receipt of payment has been made to the Moulin de Callas.

8 – Statutory rights

The Customer has a right of withdrawal for 7 days.

9 – Customer Obligations

Moulin de Callas reminds all potential purchasers that no order can be placed by underage minors.. All orders must be placed by the person holding parental authority.

The Customer shall use the Products in accordance with the instruction manual attached thereto.

10 - Liability Moulin de Callas - Warranty

The Customer is solely responsible for the choice of products, their storage and use.

Products supplied by Moulin de Callas benefit in accordance with legal provisions:

- A guarantee of compliance

- The guarantee against hidden defects affecting the delivered products and rendering it unfit for consumption.

Warranty is excluded for poor conservation of the Customer, as in the case of force majeure. The Moulin de Callas guarantee is limited to replacement or refund of non-conforming products or given a vice.

To enforce their rights, the Customer must, under penalty of forfeiture of any action relating thereto, Moulin de Callas inform, in writing, of the existence of defects within a maximum period of 48 hours after delivery products to return them to Moulin de Callas end exchange or refund provided that the products are returned in their original packaging and in perfect condition within 7 days of delivery. For latent defects, the period within which the customer must inform Moulin de Callas is 48 hours after the occurrence of the defect and return within seven days of the occurrence of the defect.

The return of products must be accompanied by a return form available on the site, including the original invoice.

The exchange (subject to availability) or refund will be made within 30 days of receipt, by the Moulin de Callas initially returned by the Customer.

We reserve the right to change and update these Website Terms from time to time and recommend that you revisit this page regularly to keep informed of the current Website Terms that apply to your use of the Website. By continuing to access, browse and use this Website, you will be deemed to have agreed to any changes or updates to our Website Terms.

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale supersede any other terms and conditions previously published by us and any other representations or statements made by us to you, whether oral, written or otherwise.

Moulin de Callas cannot be held responsible if any proven delay or failure is due to the occurrence of a force majeure usually recognized by French law, or is attributable to the Customer or unpredictable and insurmountable third parties.

11 – Privacy Law

Users are reminded that the personal data requested from the Customer is required to process the order.

The Customer, in accordance with French  and European regulations has a  permanent right of access, modification, rectification and opposition with regard to the information by writing to the following address: Moulin de Callas - Les Ferrages, CALLAS 83830 France or in our section "contact us";

 The Customer's personal data may be used for marketing purposes by electronic means, Moulin de Callas or its partner companies, subject to obtaining the prior authorization from their Clients by  using check boxes on the Customer identification form.

 12 - Intellectual Property Rights

 The content is the property of Moulin de Callas and its partners and is protected by French and international laws on intellectual property.

Any total or partial reproduction of the web content is strictly prohibited and may constitute copyright infringement.

In addition, The Moulin de Callas remains the owner of all intellectual property rights on revenue, studies, drawings, models, photographs, etc.. Related to the products sold. The Customer therefore accepts to not reproduce or use of the said information, studies, drawings, models and photographs, etc..

 13 - Partial invalidity

If one or more provisions of these terms are held to be invalid or declared as such under any law, regulation or following a previous strength definitive decision of a competent court, all other provisions will remain effective.

 14 - Entire Agreement

These general conditions of sale and the summary sent to the Customer orders form a contract and constitute the entire contractual relationship between the Parties.

15 - Disputes - Applicable law

In case of dispute, an amicable solution will be sought between the Parties. Failing agreement for a period of 2 months, all disputes arising from this contract may result concerning its validity, interpretation, performance, termination, their consequences and their consequences will be submitted to the competent courts in the conditions of common law.

 These Terms and Conditions will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with French Law. The parties hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the French Courts. All contracts will be concluded in the French language.