Black liquid soap with olive oil 1L


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Black liquid soap with olive oil refill 1 liter

Cooked in a cauldron, this black soap with olive oil is produced in the Marius Fabre factory in a traditional know-how for more than 110 years.
Very effective for cleaning everything in the house, ecological and economic natural cleanser, it replaces more easily than a dozen household products.
Very practical in pump bottle 500 ml, it will quickly become an indispensable product in your kitchen.
Marius Fabre soap factory that a proprietary formula with olive oil, which he patented. Beware of fakes!
In the house and kitchen
- Clean the floors and all types of surfaces,
- Degreasing ovens, hobs, hoods, stoves, ...
- Washing windows and inserts,
- Untie tablecloths, towels, tea towels ... is best used for colored clothes
- Can be used as detergent in the washing machine for laundry color
He will take care of your hands and your skin with its rich composition of olive oil, unlike most household products.

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