Marseille soap Cube Olive 1kg



Extremely economical, this Marseille soap slices last even longer if left to dry out.

Net weight : 1 kg

For more than 110 years and four generations of family, this soap is make from vegetable oils exclusively, carefully selected. It contains no dyes or synthetic adjuvant. It is not derived from petroleum or animal fats, like most soaps and shower gels trade.
The process of making "the Marseillaise" guarantees a soap "pure Extra", free of any impurities. He takes care of all skin types, especially the most sensitive (babies, allergic skins...) Olive oil brings its nourishing virtues: Marius Fabre soap with olive oil helps to reduce dryness skin*.

* Dermatological study SVHO / 99, Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier, Dermatology Service

Pure vegetable, biodegradable, phosphate-free or synthetic products, it does not pollute rivers and contributes to the preservation of the environment. In addition, it requires very little packaging. It lasts very long, especially when it is dried. Its longevity makes it a particularly economical product.

Insist for the logo introduced by the Union of Professionals Marseille Soap. This logo guarantees an authentic Marseille soap, made in three essential criteria:

1. Composition: Vegetable oils exclusively, no perfume, no coloring, no preservatives.
2. A manufacturing method: cauldron cooking, according to a specific saponification process, called "Marseilles process" comprising five steps. Cauldron manufacturing takes a week to 10 days.
3. Geographical origin: Made in the historic basin making soap from Marseille: Marseille region now corresponding to the Department of Bouches-du-Rhône (13).

- Olive oil
- Coconut oil
- No dye, no perfume, no preservatives
- Without chemical additives
- Free of palm oil

Ingredients (INCI): Sodium olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Sodium hydroxide

Usage tips
- To wash hands
- For the face and body cleaning
- Can also be used for laundry

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