Essential oil of lavender 50ml

Essential oil of lavender 60ml






This oil can be used for several types of treatment: disinfecting, healing, pain-soothing, and for skin care.

It can be used to perfume the home, bath or linens, as it rids microbic odor-causing germs.

It also repels flies, mosquitos, moths and lice.


Rub few drops directly on skin or with a cotton ball to relieve irritation from insect bites, small wounds or burns, ringworms and acne.

Apply on skin to repel insects.

Put one drop behind the ears or one spray on the pillow to aid sleep.

Use it for massage (pure or diluted in virgin vegetal oil, such as almond, jojoba...) to relieve stress tensions, muscular or arthritic pains, as well as sunburns.

Perfumes and soothes when used in bath water diluted with salt or alcohol.

Purifies air and perfumes home in a pomander or in an essential oil burner.

Sprinkle or infuse a cotton ball in your drawers or linen closet to perfume contents
and deter moths

Put Lavender essential oil on a cotton ball and vacuum it to freshen the vacuum cleaner

Add a drop in ironing water or in washing machine to perfume linens and clothing

Mix a few drops with home cleaners and sanitizers to clean household products and appliances including toilets

As a natural solvent, it dissolves household grease but is gentle on skin.

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