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Specialty of Anchovy with black olives 90gr, Sardinade with black olives of Baronnies 90gr, Thoïonade with green olives from France 90gr

Condiments to be used on toast as an aperitif, on a salad, a meat, a pasta dish

Specialty of Anchoîade with black olives 90gr. Ingredients: anchovy cream 60% (anchovies, olive oil, vinegar, salt spices), black olives (from the métiterranean basin) 34% (olives, water, salt), capers in vinegar, olive oil, garlic, salt , Spices, spices of Provence.

Sardinade with black olives of the Baronnies 90gr. Ingredients: sardine (sardine, olive oil, salt) 42%, country olive oil (Tanche variety) 36% (olives, water, salt) olive oil, balsamic vinegar.

Thoïonade with green olives from France 90gr. Ingredients: tuna (tuna, water, salt) 32%, green olive from France 20% (olives, water, salt), olive oil, chickpeas, capers, vinegar.

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